My boyfriend’s Mom suggested we join them for dinner at Surf Sushi Bar in Portsmouth. None of us had ever been there before, but she found it as a Limelight Deal. We are always up for trying a new restaurant, so this seemed like a good plan.

The atmosphere was very relaxed. Our waitress was helpful but also gave us plenty of time and space to figure out the menu. This was immensely useful since we had no idea what we wanted.

I had a very tough time choosing a drink. There were so many choices that seemed really delicious. I made a last minute decision when the waitress was ready for my choice; the Hemmingway’s Daiquiri. Part of my reasoning was the Maraschino liqueur. I had never heard of such a thing, and was really curious about it. Overall the drink was not what I imagined, but still great. I imagined a strong sweet cherry flavored drink. In actuality it was tart and tasted of lime. This would be a nice choice for a summer drink.

Our first choice was the Sushi Sampler. This seemed like an obvious choice since we weren’t really sure what to go with and the sampler had lots of options for us to try. It included a¬†spicy tuna roll, composed tuna, scallop, salmon & shrimp Nigiri, and tuna, hamachi, salmon, & scallop sashimi. These were all delicious. Trying all of these amazing options was a great introduction to the menu. There were definitely a few options that in the future I would want an entire order of; my favorites were the Tuna Composed Sashimi (with pineapple-jalapeno smash, sesame brittle, shiso & sweet tamari) and the Tuna BLT Maki (with¬†Smoked bacon, spicy tuna, romaine lettuce, & spicy mayo, topped with tomato, sea salt & cracked pepper). The sampler included a lot of food but most of the options came with two pieces. This meant that my only negative was that we didn’t all get to try each of the options. So my only suggestion is that when sharing the sampler with more than 2 people, it would pay to be quick with the chopsticks!

image (13)

Our next choice was one of the special rolls of the day. I have to admit to not totally remembering what it was. We think it included Crab, but don’t quote me on that. I do remember that it tasted delicious and looks pretty good too!


Tempura Vegetables are a classic favorite. These vegetables did not disappoint. They were light and crispy. The dipping sauce was a nice complement.

image (10)

My Boyfriend’s Dad is not a fan of raw fish (at least this is what he said at the start of the evening). Thankfully Surf recognizes this as a possibility and had (cooked) Pulled Pork Tacos on the menu. They were super cute. He said they tasted good; I didn’t actually try them, but trust his opinion.

image (9)

Overall Surf Sushi has great atmosphere and food. It would be a great place to hang out, have a drink, and a good meal. I suggest this as a great choice for sushi in Portsmouth.

Their website advertises a few restaurant promotions and there were a few more advertised in the restaurant. According to the website Tuesday is half priced cocktails and Wednesday is half priced Maki Rolls. These types of promotions can certainly get me out of the house on a week night. Going out on a week night seems a bit like a mini vacation. I am definitely planning another trip to Surf Sushi, and it will probably be a Tuesday or Wednesday!

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