British Beer Company is now open in Portsmouth! This is a chain, but with all the hype (and it having beer in the name) we decided it was still worth the trip. We went within the first week it was open so upon entering it still smelled new and they were super busy even though it was a Wednesday night.

Their beer list was wicked long. However a lot of these are British beers, which don’t seem to measure up to some of the local craft beers. I also noticed that there was nothing that appealing to me on their mixed drink menu. I’m sure I could have found something to try and they did appear to have a full bar. So needless to say, we will probably not be thinking British Beer Company when we are looking for great drinks.

The food was much better than their drinks.For a starter we opted for the Dueling Jumbo Pretzels which were served with a Cheddar and Ale Dipping Sauce. They were a pretty golden color and very tasty. My boyfriend said he didn’t really need the dipping sauce but that it was good. The pretzels were super buttery and soft. Two pretzels were a lot for two people with entrees as well. We also found them to be a little bit expensive.


Our main courses were both great. Dave ordered the Fish and Chips; which included fries, onion rings, and cole slaw. He said it was pretty good; better than most other Fish and Chips he’s gotten in Portsmouth.It was very crispy on the outside but not overly breaded and still very flaky inside. My entree was the New England Pasty; which according to the menu description is a Cornish pastry crust stuffed with slow roasted turkey, cornbread stuffing, and cheddar mashed potatoes which was served with cheddar mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, cranberry sauce and turkey gravy on the side. Mine didn’t come with the cranberry sauce or turkey gravy but I forgot that it should have been so I didn’t ask for it. This was incredibly delicious. I thought each of the parts were excellent and they combined to a party in my mouth. The portion was huge, I actually had a hard time finishing my leftovers in one meal the next day.  The entree prices were a little expensive but we both took home another meal worth of leftovers.

I think we may return to British Beer Company for the food, but the specialized drink menus were not really to our tastes so we would probably drink elsewhere.

British Beer Company
103 Hanover Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801


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