Beer is not really my thing. If I drink it’s a mixed drink that tastes delicious and completely masks any alcohol taste. The rest of my family feels differently about beer which leads to many beer adventures and meals at breweries. I don’t mind this in the least, but have found that my posts about these breweries and beer tours are severely lacking in any substantial beer comments. As a result I have enlisted the help of the family and will be able to start including posts about the beer as well.

In an earlier post I wrote about the Grill Next Door, I mentioned the awesome beer store next door. That night we picked up a few new choices, including Green Head IPA by the Newburyport Brewing Company. My Dad agreed to jump in with the first beer post, so the rest of this is courtesy of him. Thanks Dad!

Ashley had asked me to contribute to her Foodie Blog, so here is my first attempt. I was supposed to write about my international food discoveries, but we went out to eat locally and discovered this great beer. Dave had gone into the convenience store next to the restaurant and bought a can, (yes it’s a can) of Green Head IPA.  It appears to be brewed locally by the Newburyport Brewing Company.

The 12 oz. can holds a very nice IPA. When the beer was poured into a glass there wasn’t much of a head. initially I was a little taken aback by this lack of head, but I had not tasted it yet. If you are a fan of IPAs then you need to try this beer. The hop aroma is nice, not overpowering. The can states that the beer has a “..clean, crisp, balanced finish.” Great hop flavor and bite. ” The beer that bites you back” according to the can. Hop after taste leaves one wanting another can, yes its in a can.

The beer is 7.2% alcohol by volume, but despite this high alcohol content the ale is still real smooth. One would be surprised to discover the beer’s alcohol content by taste alone. The can states that it is “an assertive and hoppy west coast-style india pale ale.” It is all of that.
This beer is terrific. I would love to try this brew out of the tap. Unfortunately I don’t know the cost but I will look into it. Thanks Dave.

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  1. Food Lover says:

    Great review. Thanks for sharing. I’m in the hunt for a can of this brew.

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