Black Birch in Kittery, Maine is a hidden gem and one of our favorite restaurants. It’s not far from Portsmouth but doesn’t seem well known among Portsmouth tourists. Black Birch is our go to place for any celebrations or just because; big birthdays, new jobs, etc. We had scheduled a just because trip to Black Birch for Friday and in the end it also marked another new job celebration.

Black Birch does not take reservations and there can be a long wait especially on Friday and Saturday nights; but it is worth it. On this trip we were able to sit in an outdoor area for drinks while we waited. The outdoor area is great. We really liked the look of the tables and it made for a very pleasant wait.

The Cocktail menu is very exotic. We had to google a few items which we were unfamiliar with. It looks like they have some very interesting combinations. I tend toward the sweet and was told that most of theirs steer more towards the dry, so I opted to not order off the menu. One of the items I found the most interesting was their Housemade Grenadine. I have loved grenadine since I was of Shirley Temple age (and still order them on occasion). So I thought that it sounded like a great chance to have an adult Shirley Temple; Sprite, Housemade Grenadine, and Vodka.


My beer reviewers have decided that Black Birch has the Best and Most Exotic Beer on the Seacoast. They always find a lot of new beers that they haven’t heard of previously which turn out to be delicious. Personally I really enjoyed the Lagunitas glassware.


The menu is set up with a range of dishes to encourage sharing. We like to order a few things to share and then typically order main dishes (which we also share tastes of).

First Bites

Deviled Eggs and House Pickles

On Toast


Duck Rillette

To Share Or Not To Share

Roasted Cauliflower, Spaghetti Carbonara, and Lamb Meatballs

Larger Plates

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, Black Birch Fish and Chips, and the Special of the Day – Salmon with Jasmine Rice and Bok Choy


Chocolate Sugar Donuts and Vanilla Bourbon Creme Brulee

Everything we ordered was delicious. The Tomato Soup was the biggest surprise since it was a chunky, a bit like a spaghetti sauce but without those spices. However it was said to be quite good. The Roasted Cauliflower is always one of my favorites; read the description as there are multiple versions (all are tasty in my opinion).

A few months ago we ate at Black Birch and I had the greatest thing I’ve ever ordered in a restaurant – the Chicken and Waffle Sandwich. It was incredible; so delicious with an amazing combination of sweet and spicy and crunchy and soft. It was the best thing ever (and I don’t say this lightly). However, the Chicken and Waffle Sandwich is no longer on the menu.  Hopefully they bring it back soon! Maybe it would make a great special?!?


We will continue returning here, hopefully for a long time to come!

The Black Birch Restaurant
2 Government Street
Kittery, Maine 03904

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