Pizza is delicious. Making pizza at home is convenient. Being able to make pizza oven style pizza at home is great! Building a full size pizza oven at home is pretty much cost prohibitive (although we definitely considered it). This must be a common issue however because someone came up with a great solution – KettlePizza. Kettle Pizza is a metal insert for a charcoal grill.

IMG_4421I’ve been seeing this online for a while and thinking it was pretty awesome, but hadn’t made the leap to purchase it. We were gifted one (without having to drop any hints) and were so excited to try it out.

The KettlePizza insert needs to be put together. However it is pretty simple and doesn’t require any tools. The ring is held together with wing nuts. It took less than 15 minutes to put together.

The basic kit comes with the insert and a metal pan. They have additional packages which include combinations of pizza stones and pizza peels.¬†KettlePizza advises that standard pizza stones for the oven should not be used as they could break at the higher temperature. We got the kit with both the pizza stone and an aluminum pizza peel. They also sell many additional pizza accessories. The only accessory we didn’t have that we deemed necessary were pizza spinners.

Since it was a weeknight we opted for store bought dough.We decided that for our first pizzas we would use the pizza stone. So we put together the pizza on the peel and transferred it to the stone to cook. We did find that it was nice to have the pizza spinners to spin it around while cooking. The key was to not try to spin it too early.

The pizza was delicious. We did find that if you put a lot of toppings it was hard to spin and hard to get it on and off the peel. I think it is a skill which¬†will take some practice. We found that the crust had a great texture. It wasn’t exactly like pizza oven pizza, nor was it like standard oven pizza. Our grill probably wasn’t as hot as it should have been. I believe that a hotter grill would make it more like a pizza oven.



My one complaint is that with the KettlePizza insert in, the standard grill cover won’t fit. So for storage you either have to find another place for the insert (which is pretty large), take it apart (which may or may not be a good idea) or get a bigger grill cover. I did check on their website again and saw that they now sell a grill cover that they say will fit over the insert.

Overall this is a great product that we would definitely recommend. We look forward to many pizzas in our future. I also have plans to try some other items in it (like chicken) and pizza with cauliflower crust.

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