The Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery is a restaurant and butcher shop in Raymond, NH. They offer great meats and great sides. Many of the items from the restaurant are also available to take home from the butcher shop.

There is often quite a crowd at the restaurant. The wait times can be quite long, even on week nights. The bar is also packed, many times with a line for seats. So the bar is not a dependable option to bypass the wait. It is almost not worth going on peak nights and times. We tend to avoid going there on weekends. Also this is not the best option if you are short on time.


They have great meats. Some of our favorites include the steak tips, hamburgers, sausage (both pork and chicken), and chicken. They offer many different varieties of each. You can get the same varieties in both the tavern and butcher shop. We haven’t tried all the different varieties but have done fairly extensive research. Our favorite steak tip is their house marinade. My favorite sausage is the apple bacon pork sausage. We also really like the three pig sausage (pork with BBQ pulled pork, applewood bacon, and cheddar cheese). The burgers are huge (10 oz). I have in the past actually cut them in half to make two patties.

Some of our favorite entrees include the steak tips, burgers, and lobster rolls (more on them later). They have a huge menu with a lot of different options. The entrees come with your choice of sides and they have a huge variety; coleslaw, broccoli cashew salad, chickpea salad, seasonal veggies, french fries (can add chili and/or cheese), onion rings, sweet potato fries, macaroni and cheese, smashed potatoes, potato salad, baked beans, and green salads.

On Monday and Tuesday the lobster rolls are buy one get one free. They offer two types of lobster rolls – Classic (just mayo) and Warm (just butter). You can mix and match the two types. Lobster rolls come with a choice of side. They seem to be the same size and you still get choice of side.

The butcher shop offers all of the different meat options. They also have many types of prepared foods (such as meatloaf cupcakes and burritos) and salads (including green, chickpea, and broccoli). They also have an extensive craft beer selection and some wine. It would be easy to create an entire meal from beverages, appetizers, entrees, side dishes, and desserts. They also offer some local options including fudge, soaps, sodas, and marinades/rubs.

Parking can be a bit difficult. For a little bit people started to park along the road once the (large) parking lot was full. However since it is a state route, they have now marked that there is no parking along the street. With the parking issue, it can be difficult to get a space if you are just going to the butcher shop. There used to be two parking spots with signs indicating that they were reserved for butcher shop. However many times it seemed like they were ignored, and then appeared to go away during peak times.

We haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but they are trying to eliminate this parking issue for the butcher shop. You can order online or on the phone and pay for your order. Upon arriving, you call them and someone will bring your order out to your car. This seems like a great system. We are definitely going to try this in the future. I think this could also be great during busy times. We have found several times that it seems like they run out of things (e.g. on Father’s Day they didn’t have any steaks, steak tips, or burgers left by early afternoon). So you could order early to ensure that you get what you want but can still pick it up later when it’s convenient. This seems like a great new option!

We love Tuckaway Tavern. We wish they offered reservations, as there are many times we would consider going but aren’t willing to wait. However the butcher shop gives us the same great ingredients and it actually works out better (as it is more cost effective). It is worth going to eat (if you have time or can hit it right) or just to the butcher shop if you’re willing to cook (or reheat) yourself.

The butcher shop is not open the same hours as the tavern. So make sure you check before you go.

The Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery
58 Route 27
Raymond, NH 03077

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