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Growing up we spent our summer vacation at the lake. We always had a lot of family and friends come to visit. While people were visiting we got to have all the fun vacation type meals; sugar cereal, fruit with dip, hamburgers/hotdogs, chips, pizza, etc. However in between groups coming   Read More ...

In NH we are lucky to have great liquor stores. They have a giant inventory. I tend to go for the same brands most of the time. Other times I will try something new. Usually these new products are chosen based on interesting packaging. This is exactly how I ended   Read More ...

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I originally started making these cupcakes in college. My college years were quite busy with school, rowing, and work. However I still loved to bake. So I always kept an eye out for quick and easy recipes. This recipe originally came from the Kraft Foods website. Each step uses readily   Read More ...

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We got our first batch of strawberries this year! They are beautiful and delicious. One of Dave’s favorite desserts also happens to be one of the easiest – strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar. This is super easy. We are pretty relaxed around here.  Most of the time we will   Read More ...

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Over the weekend Dave and I went to Vermont. While we were there we had the opportunity to go to Woodchuck Cider House. I was amazed at how many different and unique ciders they had. While tasting I came up with a new drink – my Raspberry Refresher! 12 oz Woodchuck Raspberry   Read More ...

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Dave and I would love to have a small farm one day. Nothing huge, just a couple animals (goats, chickens, etc). We love VT. So for our second anniversary we decided to combine those things and spend a weekend at a farm in VT. We found an incredible small farm   Read More ...

Dave loves Strawberry Unfrosted Pop Tarts! Personally if I’m going to eat a Pop Tart I want it to be frosted. We do the majority of our shopping at Market Basket. I am amazed at how many different products are available under the Market Basket brand. Many of these products   Read More ...

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For Mother’s Day we gifted my Mother-In-Law the book Fermented by Charlotte Pike. It has all kinds of neat recipes for fermenting foods. We love sourdough, so we thought this would be fun to try. In flipping through the first two things that caught our attention were the Rumtopf and   Read More ...

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