I originally started making these cupcakes in college. My college years were quite busy with school, rowing, and work. However I still loved to bake. So I always kept an eye out for quick and easy recipes. This recipe originally came from the Kraft Foods website. Each step uses readily available ingredients to speed up the process.

For the cupcakes:

Make and bake your favorite boxed cake mix as directed on the box. For a classic Boston Cream Pie you should choose a yellow cake mix. You can either bake these in cupcake liners (which you will remove later) or spray the pan and cook them without liners. I usually cook right in the pan rather than messing with removing the liners. I think it turns out a bit cleaner.


After they are cool and you’ve removed the liners (if you used them), the next step is to cut the cupcakes horizontally. I like to cut mine so that there is not much on top. I think this makes them easier to put together and eventually to eat. But it’s not an issue if you cut them lower either.


For the “Boston Cream”:

Whisk one package instant vanilla pudding mix with one cup of milk. Then fold in one package of cool whip.

This mixture should be thick. If you dip a spatula in, the mixture should cling to the spatula. If you want to make your life easy, put this mixture in the fridge to firm it up even more before putting these cupcakes together. I tend to make this mixture first and let it chill in the fridge while baking and cooling the cupcakes.


For the chocolate frosting:

Another shortcut here – use a container of chocolate frosting!


To put them together:

Now that you have all three components, you’re ready to put them together! I have found that the best order is: 1) Separate the two layers, 2) Frost the top of the top layer of the cupcake, 3) Put a generous scoop of the “Boston Cream” on the top of the bottom layer, 4) Place the top layer on the bottom layer, 5) Enjoy!


You could of course make all these things from scratch, or even one or two. But sometimes you just don’t have the time. And either way, I think these turn out pretty impressive!


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