Dave loves Strawberry Unfrosted Pop Tarts! Personally if I’m going to eat a Pop Tart I want it to be frosted. We do the majority of our shopping at Market Basket. I am amazed at how many different products are available under the Market Basket brand. Many of these products taste/work exactly the same as the name brands and can be a substantial savings. We have also found several products that are not as good. So we usually try the Market Basket brand products at least once.


Market Basket Toaster Pastries come in a larger box which is deceptive because they come with 6 pastries (3 packages of 2) per box. The Pop Tarts have 8 pastries (4 packages of 2) per box. They also seem to go on sale with moderate frequency and also come in a larger package which also goes on sale. Plus they have a long shelf life. So it is very possible to stock up when they are on sale and have plenty to last until they go on sale again.


Since these are Dave’s favorite type, I made him the primary taster. The size and color of the pastries were very similar. The holes were a little different. We both agreed that the store brand are a bit gummier and had less filling.

On taste alone we both noticeably prefer the Pop Tarts. Without looking at the prices, we decided that in this particular case we would be willing to spend a bit more to get the Pop Tarts rather than the Toaster Pastries.

Brand Price Quantity Price/Pastry
Market Basket $0.99 6 $0.17
Pop Tarts (Sale) $1.67 8  $0.21
Pop Tarts (Large Box – Sale) $3.00 16  $0.19
Pop Tarts  $1.99 8   $0.25


The regular sized package of Market Basket Toaster Pastries come in a package of 6 and the Pop Tarts in a package of 8. So when you compare the prices per pastry, they are only a few cents different. It is important to not only look at the prices but also the package size and unit prices.

In this case we have decided that the (small) additional cost for Pop Tarts is worth it. Try them and let us know what you think!

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