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Growing up we spent our summer vacation at the lake. We always had a lot of family and friends come to visit. While people were visiting we got to have all the fun vacation type meals; sugar cereal, fruit with dip, hamburgers/hotdogs, chips, pizza, etc. However in between groups coming   Read More ...

For Mother’s Day we gifted my Mother-In-Law the book Fermented by Charlotte Pike. It has all kinds of neat recipes for fermenting foods. We love sourdough, so we thought this would be fun to try. In flipping through the first two things that caught our attention were the Rumtopf and   Read More ...

Pizza is delicious. Making pizza at home is convenient. Being able to make pizza oven style pizza at home is great! Building a full size pizza oven at home is pretty much cost prohibitive (although we definitely considered it). This must be a common issue however because someone came up   Read More ...

When I was growing up pizza rolls were a microwave delight, however I can only imagine what’s in them. As we are entering football season I have been looking for some easy snacks with ingredients that can be kept around for a while. These “grown up pizza rolls” which I   Read More ...

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I have never been much of a gardener. Thankfully I know many others who are (and know a great farm stand), so we have had plenty of fresh produce this summer. One thing that we’ve seen a lot is eggplant. When I see eggplant, the only thing I can think of is   Read More ...

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Today is our three month-iversary. It has been a great three months and they have flown by. I didn’t have much time for cooking during all of the wedding craziness, so I have been enjoying finally getting to cook again. Also we were given so many great wedding gifts, and   Read More ...

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I hate to admit that I am falling behind on Blog Posts. I have about a month worth of entry topics and photos ready, but haven’t had a chance to write them. Thankfully for us all, Andrea has yet again agreed to step in and help. So this post is   Read More ...

Happy Cinco de Mayo! To me Cinco de Mayo means Mexican food and Margaritas and this year did not disappoint. We were invited to my Boyfriend’s Parent’s House for the weekend where His Mom’s Cousin and Husband were visiting as well. My Boyfriend’s Mom created a Mexican themed menu from start   Read More ...

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The beginning of spring and summer means the start of the cookout season. Winter is long and cold in New Hampshire and as soon as the weather starts to get warm I cant wait to get outside. Cookouts are a great easy way to get people together. Food and the   Read More ...

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