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Andrea hosted a Beatles 50th Anniversary Celebration dinner last week. It looks like it was quite a night, and her post is below. There are a lot of additional posts which are linked throughout including their recipes and the beer pairings. Enjoy! 1964 Beatles Concert 50th Anniversary Meal Fifty years   Read More ...

As part of the┬áBeatles 50th Anniversary Celebration they also had a different beer to pair with each course. Below is Andrea’s post about each of those pairings and their Beatles reference. BEER and BEATLES TASTING and PAIRING Eight Beers for Eight Days a Week BEER PAIRED WITH DESCRIPTION BEATLES SONGS   Read More ...

As most of you have heard already, beer is not my favorite thing The rest of my family feels differently and they have lots of great activities which would make great posts. However writing about beer is very hard for those who don’t drink or enjoy beer. Thankfully my Mother   Read More ...

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Two of our favorite food adventurers joined us for our Seacoast Spirits Tour; Rich and Andrea. Andrea offered me a more in depth overview of Flag Hill including a review of each spirit that we tried. So this is her account of our trip to Flag Hill Winery and Distillery.   Read More ...

I hate to admit that I am falling behind on Blog Posts. I have about a month worth of entry topics and photos ready, but haven’t had a chance to write them. Thankfully for us all, Andrea has yet again agreed to step in and help. So this post is   Read More ...

Beer is not really my thing. If I drink it’s a mixed drink that tastes delicious and completely masks any alcohol taste. The rest of my family feels differently about beer which leads to many beer adventures and meals at breweries. I don’t mind this in the least, but have   Read More ...

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After our amazing Vermont Beer Tour, I started thinking about all the breweries we have close to home. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to set up a Portsmouth Beer Tour. Our beer touring posse included my parents, my boyfriend and his parents, and my sister and her boyfriend. It   Read More ...

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